Covid-19 Causes Switch to Shrink Sleeves

Once considered the new kid in town, shrink sleeves continue to grow. In fact, since the Covid-19 outbreak, some  brands that previously printed directly onto containers have switched to shrink sleeves.  This is due to shorter lead times, cost and because this type of packaging allows manufacturers to produce lower quantities.

Other benefits include 360 degree visuals, product protection, masking uneven fill lines, and tamper-proof packaging. But to avoid any sleeve slip-ups, it’s important that you’re working with an experienced label professional.

Seeing is believing.
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Material Mishaps

Some US printers have had material shortages because they purchased their shrink film overseas. But even before the pandemic, Overnight Labels always felt that film from overseas was inferior.  All of our material is made in the US, and we are well stocked.  This means that even at the height of Covid-19, our customers did not face any supply chain issues because of packaging.

Design Disasters

Despite their many benefits, shrink sleeves have their own set of challenges.  When bottles with dramatic curvatures and reliefs are utilized, designers must have a clear understanding of how the artwork will distort. If the art isn’t up to spec and proofed properly, mistakes can happen.

“We size the container and provide the specifications. Then we send you a layout noting any areas of concern (i.e. high shrink areas) as well as fold and seam positioning,” said Overnight Labels President Don Earl.

Solvent  Slip-ups

Don’t forget about your label’s seam! In addition to a good design, correct converting practices are a must to ensure accurate application of the solvent used to join the label seam.  Use of the wrong solvent can cause multiple problems that impact seams.  They can lift, causing a sharp edge or split, which could cause the sleeve to fall off.  An experienced label printer will guide you to make the right choice.

Printing Pros

In business since 1987, Overnight Labels has deep experience in this category.  In fact, we have a dedicated team just for shrinks. That’s why we are able to offer lower minimums and faster turnaround times than industry averages.

In addition to shrink sleeves, Overnight Labels prints flexible packaging and pressure sensitive labelsClick here for a  free sample kit.  For a quote, email to or call  631-242-4240.