Spot UV Tactile

Tactile Labels Deliver the ‘Feel Appeal’ to Consumers

Brand owners know that their packaging needs to be on point in order to stand out on shelves and online.  But with so many products fighting for attention, bold color choices or unique container shapes may not be enough.  That’s why, over the last few years, the break-out stars in the packaging world have been…

Four Questions to Ask a Printer

  Covid-19 upended the business community and created a great deal of stress, especially for manufacturers of essential items.  Part of the pressure fell to packaging converters trying to keep up with material shortages, increased quantities, and lockdowns.  While some struggled, others had the infrastructure in place to persevere.  That’s why these challenging times call…

2021 Packaging Production in a Pandemic: What’s in and out?

    Looking back at the early days of the pandemic, most suppliers, manufacturers, and stakeholders agree that they were unprepared to handle the ramifications the pandemic had on their businesses.   From weak supply chains to spikes in demand for products that had not been forecasted, these issues have driven a shift in several areas…

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