New Digital Flexible Packaging Press At ONL

Stand-up pouches, single-use sample packets, stick packs and bags; the growth of the flexible packaging segment continues to explode. But long lead times and high minimums often curtail small to mid-size brands from adopting this popular format. Even if a company can find a converter who promises low MOQs or rapid lead times, the quality…

flexo vs digital printing

Digital Printing Vs. Flexo Printing: Weighing What’s Right for Your Packaging Project

Sustainable, embellished, smart, and tactile; innovation has driven the label business to explode over the last few years.  Brand owners have a plethora of label options to choose from, but it’s important to start by selecting the printing process since it impacts the entire project. In the great debate between flexographic or digital printing, these…

Spot UV Tactile

Tactile Labels Deliver the ‘Feel Appeal’ to Consumers

Brand owners know that their packaging needs to be on point in order to stand out on shelves and online.  But with so many products fighting for attention, bold color choices or unique container shapes may not be enough.  That’s why, over the last few years, the break-out stars in the packaging world have been…

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