In the Dark about New Light-Blocking Dairy Packaging?

Our dairy customers have a lot to think about when it comes to product packaging.  Not only do they need a great looking label; they are also faced with challenges that aren’t factors in other industries such as:

  • Extending shelf-life
  • Vitamin and color protection
  • Light-Blocking capabilities
  • Helping to keep off-flavors from forming

Existing packaging to address these concerns have numerous disadvantages.  White-pigmented HDPE bottles, multilayer-HDPE bottles with a black middle layer, or highly pigmented PET bottles can be expensive.  Plus multilayer-PET bottles lose their recycling advantages, so what’s the point?

No need to cry over spilt milk! We work extensively with Eklipse™ shrink sleeves, a new product that provides light protection and extends the shelf life for milk, cream, drinkable yogurt, protein beverages and some juices. This shrink sleeve has a light transmission rate of  <1% and does not require 100% ink coverage to achieve light barrier.  This is a significant innovation because moving the light barrier from the bottle to the label helps save on container costs and allows consumers to recycle.

Eklipse™ shrink sleeves also offer the brightest white opaque film technology available today.  This means that your product will be a stand out on crowded dairy shelves.

Seeing is believing! For more details about the benefits of Eklipse™ including a sample, email:  Please include your name, company/address.