2021 Packaging Production in a Pandemic: What’s in and out?



Looking back at the early days of the pandemic, most suppliers, manufacturers, and stakeholders agree that they were unprepared to handle the ramifications the pandemic had on their businesses.   From weak supply chains to spikes in demand for products that had not been forecasted, these issues have driven a shift in several areas of manufacturing, especially packaging.  So, what’s in and what’s out in 2021?

Seeing is believing.
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IN: Producing Packaging in the USA             OUT: Producing Packaging Overseas

Why: When China shutdown, the domino effect lead to production delays, product scarcity at retail and consumer anxiety.  With uncertain days ahead, many US companies are switching to domestic package printers.  This allows them greater flexibility, speed-to-market, quality control, communication, and supports American workers.

IN: Printing Custom Labels                             OUT:  Printing on Containers

Why: Printing directly on to containers means high minimums and can be costly unless printed overseas.  New regulations have also made holding inventory more difficult.  With today’s advancements in specialty finishes, it’s possible to achieve the same high-end look with a custom label.   Brands are finding that labels offer greater flexibility, faster turnaround times, require lower minimums and are less expensive than printing directly on your vessel.

IN: Prioritizing Experience                            OUT: Prioritizing Pricing

Why: The pandemic taught us is that it’s crucial to choose the right partners.  Pricing becomes less significant when a converter runs short of stock, can’t handle increased orders, or misses deadlines. Converters with longevity in the business tended to have enough inventory, available presses, employees, and technical expertise to weather the early impact of Covid.

Overnight Labels has been in business since 1987.  Over the last few months, we’ve worked with many clients dealing with the new normal.  We’ve printed millions of labels, shrink sleeves and rolls of flexible packaging for companies trying to get essential items to market as fast as possible. Some of them had supply chain issues, and we were able to help because all of our material is domestically sourced.  Our inventory is huge, so we never ran out of stock, even at the height of Covid-19.

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