Pandemic Packaging Trends: Specialty Finishes Continue to Shine


Although 2020 events slowed supply chains, specialty finishes has accelerated during the pandemic as an important packaging trend. Many brands opt for new techniques and innovative  textures as a way to keep costs down, while still achieving a high-end look.  They’re also an effective touch to get your packaging spotted on social media and online shopping platforms.

Seeing is believing.
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Some of the most popular finishes this year include:

  • Holographic:  An iridescent effect vinyl, giving an eye-catching rainbow effect to your design.
  • Glitter: Incorporates small holographic bits of glitter.
  • Pearlescent: Produces a pearl shimmer effect when applied over or under an ink or on a substrate and can mute an image when applied over ink.
  • Sandy Feel: Range of different particle sizes that allows for a very rough to soft and silky feel options.
  • Soft Touch: Creates a matte surface that has a velvety, soft feel.
  • Tactile: A finish that gives a slightly raised texture to the label that drive people touch and feel it.
  • Cold Foil: allows printers to apply foil onto a substrate at press speed.  This technique produces brilliant metallic effects and can print fine lines, reverse outs, half tones and full tones, all in accurate register.
  • Spot Coating: is used to make sections of label design stand out, while also adding dimension with the contrast of gloss and matte finishes.

Overnight Labels has been widely recognized for their emphasis on innovation and an expertise in finishes.  We use a number of printing techniques in all categories including labelsshrink sleeves,  flexible packaging and package prototyping.  New capabilities include silk screening on shrink sleeves and HP Mosaic digital printing, which generates thousands of unique graphics from just one label design.

Seeing is believing.  To receive a sample kit that includes a wide variety of finishes, including award-winning examples from the Foil and Specialty Effects Association,  click here.