2022 Label Lookback: Our Favorite Packaging Designs

2022 was quite a year! As soon as New Year’s Day was over, our presses ran at full capacity printing millions of labels, shrink sleeves, pouches, stick packs, and sachets. In fact, over the last 12 months, we produced an estimated 600,000,000 units.  Our employees have a front-row seat to thousands of new packaging designs, so they see current and upcoming packaging trends in real-time.  Here is a look at the ONL staff’s standouts:

Seeing is believing.
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Pressure Sensitive Stunner

Devoted Creations Cloud Kiss Body Care Lotion provides skin with a luminous soft feel, which is also reflected in the shimmery, iridescent look of the product packaging.  The packaging design features a starry background and a twinkly chandelier done in an art deco style that radiates luxury.  Overnight Labels produced the look by printing the pressure sensitive label with a Neon Iridescent cold foil and a Pillars of Light holographic foil.  A glossy lamination was applied as a final touch to enhance the dramatic effect and provide durability.

Sumptuous Sleeves

Lavish labels are a must to represent a high-end product like Metamorphia Bronzer Tanning Lotion.  The premium ingredients inside the bottle pair perfectly with the green, black, and gold “marble” packaging design on this shrink sleeve that exudes opulence. Overnight Labels achieved the multi-faceted look by using a holographic foil and a spot matte varnish to sections of the black.  To add dimension and a tactile effect, a UV silkscreen was applied to the gold, increasing the printing process’s complexity and amping up the product’s shelf appeal.

Flexible Fine Art

Flexible Packaging has been gaining popularity for several years, and IT Works takes its design to a new level for the company’s Skinny Hydrate line of nutrient-infused supplements.  Botanicals are bountiful on these pouches that feature fruit and flowers bursting with color.  The packaging design is so pretty and unique to the format; it belongs in a frame!  They almost look hand-painted but were actually printed on Overnight Labels’ state-of-the-art digital presses.

New Year, New Packaging Design?

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