Graphic Measures International (GMI) & Walgreens Certification

Overnight Labels is proud to be one of the 250 certified printers across the United States. So if you’re a private label manufacturer selling to Walgreens, then you will need to use a GMI Certified printer.

GMI certifies, monitors, and measures the performance of packaging suppliers by focusing on five key components that include: process control and documentation, equipment maintenance, training procedures, operator capability, and equipment performance. GMI’s goal is to bring a uniform set of quality standards to packaging production. This allows brand owners to hold their vendors accountable to specific rules for graphics, print quality, structures, and so on.
GMI is important to our customers because it makes them secure knowing that we print to specific numbers and standards, not a subjective set of rules. We know you spend a lot of money designing products and promoting your brand. All of which reflects your identity, and hard work. With our GMI certification, you can be assured we will always deliver consistent results with precise colors and properly printed and measured graphics. To learn more about GMI please click here!