GMI Certification Rodman Native

There are 10,288 US-Based
Label Printers
250 US Based Label Printers Are
GMI Certified
Only 5 GMI Certified Printers
Have Platinum Status...
Overnight Labels is One of Them
10,288 US-Based Label Printers
250 Are GMI Certified
Only 5 Have Platinum Status and
Overnight Labels is One of Them

Why GMI Matters:

  • Graphic Measures International (GMI) certification is a process that holds packaging suppliers accountable to established brand owner color standards.  Companies like Home Depot, Target, CVS and Walgreen’s only work with GMI certified printers to ensure that their packaging looks consistent all over the world.  When vendors manufacture products under retailer house brand names, it must accurately represent the retailer’s brand.  Every SKU across the world must be as close to perfect as possible.

  • Overnight Labels certification was awarded in 2016 following an intensive on-site audit, which focused on graphics, color management, press quality (registration, trapping, die-line accuracy, finishing) and quality assurance.

  • Over the last 4 years, we’ve elevated our GMI status several times and have now achieved the highest level possible.  In order for certified packaging suppliers to achieve Platinum status they must meet the following high standards including a score of  95% or above for 36-months running in multiple categories.

If you don’t need a GMI printer, why does this matter to you?

  • Whether a company requires a GMI printer or not, printers who achieve certification have an expertise in color consistency and follow stringent quality assurance measures with all their work.

Quality + color consistency = packaging excellence. Even if you are not required to use a GMI printer, sometimes the gold standard isn’t enough.

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