Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

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Flexible Packaging

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Custom flexible packaging continues to be a major trend. From baked goods and liquids, to powders and pills, flexible film packaging is a practical alternative for sampling and individually packaged items.

  • Inherently tamper evident
  • Less weight equals less freight
  • Reduces packaging waste
  • Provides a smooth surface for high-quality printed images.


More and more brands are making the switch from boxes and glass to flexible bags and pouches. They are a great choice for food, beverage, pet , cannabis and nutraceutical packaging.

  • Choose from white, clear or foil substrates
  • UV coating or lamination available in matte and gloss finishes

Stick Packs

These  long, and skinny flexible packages are often used for drink mixes, nutraceuticals, spices, and other single-serve items.


Widely used in the beauty and personal care industries, sachets are appropriate for dry products, tablets and capsules; liquids and powders.  They are ideal for sampling, trial, travel and gifting, and can also be used for stand alone SKUs.