We’re Giving the “Green Light” to a Comprehensive Eco-Friendly Packaging Portfolio

Overnight Labels has been focused on sustainability in the packaging industry for more than a decade.  In fact, we started winning awards for sustainable packaging in 2007 and are vigilant in researching the newest innovations.  Over time, we realized that there was more to “going green” than just recycled paper stock.  That’s why we’re unveiling an entire eco-friendly packaging  portfolio – from stocks, to adhesive and even industry certifications – to address customers desires to be environmentally conscious.

“Just two years ago, when talking to customers about sustainable packaging, there were only a few items available and most would not work for their needs, said Don Earl, president of Overnight Labels.  “It’s  gratifying to see the changes in the packaging industry and to be able to offer an entire portfolio of packaging options.”

eco friendly labels Eco-Friendly Packaging Portfolio Materials:

  • Tree-free stock made from hemp, bamboo, bagasse, cotton linters and used burlap coffee bags.
  • Sustainable Shrink Sleeves, Multi-packs and Neck Bands are made with Smartcycle, which is produced from recycled PET bottles. This option is more resilient than previous eco-friendly shrink films.  We also offer EarthFirst® PLA, made from corn, which is 100% compostable.
  • Compostable Flexible Packaging
  • Water-based inks with limited VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • CleanFlake™ Adhesive: 560 million PET bottles are wasted every year in the recycling process, largely due to incompatible label materials. CleanFlake™ is a water-based recyclable adhesive that cleanly separates during the PET Plastic recycling process.

Certifications:Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

Rounding out the portfolio is being a certified member of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.  When a printing facility is a certified Sustainable Green Printer, they must follow sustainability best practices, including and beyond regulatory compliance and reduce their environmental impact.

Ready to talk about really going green? Contact Overnight Labels at 631-242-4240 or info@overnightlabels.com.