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Given a choice, would you rather work with a random printer or a printing partner?

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In the contract packaging world, every bottle needs a cap; every jar needs a lid; and most every co-packer needs a label partner.

With over 3 decades in business, we have a comprehensive understanding of each phase in the production cycle and a long history of working with contract packagers.  We are well-versed in all types of packaging equipment.

  • We produce flexible packaging for stick pack, horizontal and vertical FFS and flow wrap machines.
  • Our shrink sleeves are compatible with heat or steam tunnels and all auto-application units.
  • Our pressure sensitive labels work great on both automatic and semi-automatic label applicators.

Just recently, Packaging World profiled one of our most successful partnerships with Eden Bodycare and Mansfield King:

Partnering Pays Off For Brand Owner, Converter

Eden BodyWorks finds a partner in its label converter whose competence and loyalty results in benefits for both companies as Eden’s business expands.

Every brand owner would like to find a packaging supplier that goes beyond selling them a product to one that looks after their interests and is committed to their growth. In the case of natural hair and skincare products company Eden BodyWorks, it found such a supplier in Overnight Labels. “Overnight Labels has been a partner from the beginning,” says Ylorie Taylor, Vice President of Eden. “They’ve been able to grow with us and meet the demands of smaller production windows as well as catch ‘misses’ on our end to avoid negligent costs and errors. We consider them an extension of our creative and production teams.”

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