We’re Giving the “Green Light” to a Comprehensive Eco-Friendly Packaging Portfolio

Overnight Labels has been focused on sustainability in the packaging industry for more than a decade.  In fact, we started winning awards for sustainable packaging in 2007 and are vigilant in researching the newest innovations.  Over time, we realized that there was more to “going green” than just recycled paper stock.  That’s why we’re unveiling an entire eco-friendly packaging  portfolio – from stocks, to adhesive and even industry certifications – to address customers desires to be environmentally conscious.

“Just two years ago, when talking to customers about sustainable packaging, there were only a few items available and most would not work for their needs, said Don Earl, president of Overnight Labels.  “It’s  gratifying to see the changes in the packaging industry and to be able to offer an entire portfolio of packaging options.”

eco friendly labels Eco-Friendly Packaging Portfolio Materials:

  • Tree-free stock made from hemp, bamboo, bagasse, cotton linters and used burlap coffee bags.
  • Sustainable Shrink Sleeves, Multi-packs and Neck Bands are made with Smartcycle, which is produced from recycled PET bottles. This option is more resilient than previous eco-friendly shrink films.  We also offer EarthFirst® PLA, made from corn, which is 100% compostable.
  • Compostable Flexible Packaging
  • Water-based inks with limited VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • CleanFlake™ Adhesive: 560 million PET bottles are wasted every year in the recycling process, largely due to incompatible label materials. CleanFlake™ is a water-based recyclable adhesive that cleanly separates during the PET Plastic recycling process.

Certifications:Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

Rounding out the portfolio is being a certified member of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.  When a printing facility is a certified Sustainable Green Printer, they must follow sustainability best practices, including and beyond regulatory compliance and reduce their environmental impact.

Ready to talk about really going green? Contact Overnight Labels at 631-242-4240 or info@overnightlabels.com.

New to the Hand Sanitizer Business? The Right Label Materials Matter.

We all know that Covid-19 has dramatically changed most businesses for the foreseeable future.  No one could have predicted that fashion companies would be making face masks. Or that beer, wine and spirit brands would be producing hand sanitizer.

In fact, sales of gel-based hand sanitizers saw a 73% spike in March 2020 and the US hand sanitizer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% through 2025.  With store shelves and online outlets of this important item out of stock, both established and new businesses are ramping up production lines to help. But, switching gears with your product not only means a new label design.  Because of the high alcohol content, it may also require a change to your label material.

For example, many wine brands tend to print their labels on a high-end paper stock.  This allows them to choose something that may be textured and typically gives an old world look.  Some use specialty techniques like embossing to add a luxury quality and help their brand stand out.  But these stocks and effects won’t cut it for a hand sanitizer.  You run the risk that the labels will peel off, the printed ink will run/smear, and important information about the product will be illegible.

Better With BOPP

For hand sanitizers, a biaxially oriented polypropelyne material, commonly known as BOPP is highly recommended.  The moisture and solvent resistance qualities of BOPP have made it a popular material for personal care, household and food & beverage items. It’s preferred because it is durable, non-toxic and the ink will not migrate. BOPP is available in white, clear or silver with either gloss or matte laminates.  BOPP is an ideal material to use if your business is using a container that is new to the brand and want a straight forward label shape to save time on overall design.  You can also add Also a high end tactile lamination to add a little pizazz to a basic product label.

Shrink Sleeves LabelsShrink Sleeve Success

Shrink sleeves are a perfect fit for hand sanitizers that will be produced in uniquely shaped bottles and containers. This packaging allows for a 360 degree view of graphics, added protection from breakage, and can mask uneven fill lines.  Shrink Sleeves are ideal for companies that will be using the same containers as previously produced products, so they won’t have the added time usually needed in the sleeve templating process.

The Correct Combination

In addition to material, other considerations include ink, adhesive and lamination.  It’s crucial that your label supplier has the expertise to recommend that right combination of all three.  Overnight Labels has been in business for over 30 years and has an expertise in knowing the appropriate products to use that can withstand the high alcohol content found in hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and other in-demand Covid-19 products.  We’re open and here to help.

For a quote or more information, email custservice@overnightlabels.com or call 631-242-4240.


We are very excited to announce that Overnight Labels have been certified by GMI to print flexo and digital labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging for Target.  This means that we are now included in an elite network of certified printers approved to produce packaging for the retailer’s in-house brands. ONL is certified by GMI to print labels for Walgreens and CVS, and we were recently awarded Platinum level status by GMI.

GMI, which stands for Graphic Measures International, partners with brands to ensure consistent brand appearance by establishing detailed requirements and monitoring each aspect of print quality and color management. It ensures brand integrity, ongoing production run sample measurement and in-store packaging assessments. Overnight Labels is one of only 5 label printers nationwide to have achieved the Platinum designation, which is the highest available in the GMI ratings system.   In order to achieve Platinum level, printers must score 95% or above on their submissions for at least 36 months running.

“Overnight Labels is proud to add a celebrated retailer like Target to our GMI certification. Our philosophy has always been that quality + color consistency = label printing excellence, said Don Earl, president of Overnight Labels.  “Extending our reach within the GMI network shows all of our customers that we work hard every day to achieve stellar results.”

Our original certification was awarded in 2016 following an intensive on-site audit involving independent testing and inspections of company-wide processes and capabilities.  It included an in-depth focus on graphics and color management. Other areas evaluated included press quality (registration, trapping, die-line accuracy, finishing) and quality assurance (process implementation, audits, traceability, barcode readability, non-compliance protocol).

Packaging is Under the Influence … of Social Media

We all know that packaging influences customer purchases. But less than 10 years ago, products only needed to stand out on store shelves.  Amazon, Instagram, Facebook and all things digital have significantly changed the playing field.  Now, social media influences packaging.

Marketers must ensure that their packaging is not only easy to identify on traditional media platforms, but also need to consider social media recognition.  Moreover, the imagery has to work for viewing on a phone, tablet or a desktop. Additionally, if it is being sold online, smart brands make packaging decisions based on how products look as thumbnails.

Have you noticed that label trends have favored a clean minimalist look or showcase bold colors with a metallic or glitter accent?  The common denominator between these trends? When photographed and posted online, the imagery pops.

Social media has also given a powerful voice to consumers. If they like something about a product, they’ll probably  let their followers know about it by posting a photo on their favorite social platform.   Therefore, creating packaging that has the potential to be sharable, adds considerable buzz to a brand and ultimately increases sales.

Here are a few steps you can take to create socially savvy packaging:

  • Splurge on Specialty Effects and Finishes – Glitter, holographic, metallic, high-gloss spot coatings and other specialty label effects have risen to the top of packaging trends. They are an effective touch to get your packaging spotted on social.  With so many different options today, it’s important to work with an experienced printer to ensure that the combination of artwork, substrate and printing technique will achieve your vision.
  • Material Matters – To some degree, brands have ceded partial control over their images to consumers. It’s the fans who dictate the lighting and angle used to take product photos.  That’s why it’s important to “stack the deck” as much as possible by using quality material that contributes to your label design and enhances “amateur” photography.
  • Prototyping Perfects – Working with a professional prototyping service allows brands to try out packaging effectiveness by reviewing and testing its color, shape, brand identity and manufacturing viability before finalizing the design. Savvy marketers will use social media to poll their followers and have them weigh in on the design they like best.  This instant, no-cost focus group not only engages your online community, it also helps you finalize the best design.
  • Fonts are Fundamental – Your packaging design should be easy to recognize at a glance on any social media platform. Consider font sizes and weights that maximize readability and extend your overall branding. This should also be a huge consideration when designing your logo, as it has the ability to cut through the internet clutter and attract attention in less than a second.

Is your packaging a brick & mortar and digital star? If not, a label redesign can be a game changer.  With 30+ years of experience, Overnight Labels has an expertise in color, specialty effects/ finishes and prototyping.  We can utilize numerous printing techniques to help you create eye-catching labels, shrink sleeves or flexible packaging that won’t break your budget.

For a free sample kit, email samples@overnightlabels.com. For a quote, email custservice@overnightlabels.com.