What’s your greatest concern when it comes to packaging? What makes you grimace or grin when you see your product line on a store shelf? When it comes to product packaging you have to be vain! The product can’t just be good on the inside, it has to stand out from the rest when it’s on display. That’s why we take pride in all that we do to ensure that your finished product label is the envy of its neighbors.

We have developed and implemented a quality management system specifically tailored to meet the needs of our customers and are ISO 9001 compliant. When it comes to quality, we never compromise.

Laser Engraved Plates

Provide higher precision and better clarity. NO HARD EDGES! Plus, our direct to plate process means that job turn-around time is even faster.

The 528 Spectrodensitometer

A unique tool that evaluates whether your special colors, densities, dot gains and other critical measures like trap, print contrast, gray balance, hue error, and more, meet pre-established color targets. The 528 can be used anywhere in the production process, giving you the most accurate color match possible!

Latran Digital Proofing System & Accurate Mock-Ups

Provides more accurate proofs. Now you get proofs on actual label stock, using real dots and real ink. The advantage – you can make important layout and design decisions without guessing. Finally, what you see is what you get!

Video Inspection System

Offers real time monitoring. Print registration is electronically monitored throughout the printing process to ensure the best possible end product.

Nova Flow Ink Mixing System

Accurately measures and calculates ink formulas according to the Pantone Matching System. There’s no such thing as guesswork here. When you choose a specific PMS color you get it. After all, that’s the way it should be!