Our Facility

Our Facility

35,000 Square Feet of Ingenuity

What makes you grimace or grin when you see your product on a store shelf? When it comes to product packaging it can’t just be good on the inside, it has to stand out from the rest. That’s why we take great pride to ensure that your prime label, or even your secondary label, is the envy of its neighbors.

Our quality assurance is second to none. We have implemented a quality management system specifically tailored to meet the needs of our customers and are ISO 9001 compliant:

  • QA Protocols that anticipate and prevent defects
  • GMI Processes for unparalleled color & print quality management
  • Video Inspection Systems
  • Digital Proofing System & Accurate Mock-Ups
  • Laser Engraved HD Plates and a direct to plate process
  • A complete line of X-Rite Spectrodensitometers
  • ANSI standard verification and recorded for all bar codes

We have 15 presses with redundant technologies for flexible scheduling to accommodate in-hand requirements.

We have an extensive background in all phases of co-packing and filling.

We produce over 600,000,000 printed units per year.

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