Packaging Trends Are Dominated By Modern Nostalgia

Covid has consumers yearning for happier times, which has translated into today’s throwback trends dominating fashion, beauty, and graphic design. But these vintage vibes have been updated with contemporary twists giving way to a more modern feel.  The presses at Overnight Labels have been busy this year printing an array of labels, shrink sleeves, and flexible packaging, merging the past with the present to create an array of fresh label looks.  These recent examples prove that retro feels right again.

Seeing is believing.
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If I Could Turn Back Time

Our client, Gamer Supps, is a leader in gaming energy and nutrition and has really embraced the trends of previous decades.  Their collaboration with the ColdOnes podcasters on a Strawberry Daiquiri Energy Drink features a trippy 70s design reminiscent of the famous R Crumb “Keep on Truckin” comic book style.  The company’s GG Energy line plays with the Graffiti-feel favored in the 90s utilizing vibrant bold colors and abstract shapes and patterns.

Overnight Labels printed both pressure sensitive labels on a white Bopp and gave them a tactile varnish that follows the pattern to emphasize the lively background graphics.

Techy Typeface

One of the design styles popular in the 1980s is the digital look, which utilized computer-based graphic fonts from the age of Pac-Man and early personal computers.  The creative team for Tanovations Ed Hardy Rule Breaker Tanning Lotion went with simple black and white art with vibrant pops of red.  They opted for a shrink sleeve format which was a perfect choice for a tapered oval flat bottom container.

Back to the Future

Overnight Labels took our own trip down memory lane collaborating with creative design firm Vivid Ivy on a line of promotional labels that featured the modern-day nostalgic trends.  Flower power meets 60s psychedelia in a cheerful white, peach, and pink shrink sleeve dubbed “Peachy Vibes.”  We loved the artwork so much that we printed several variations with different specialty finishes including pearlescent, copper cold foil, and a tactile finish to make the flower pistils pop.

Next, we asked Vivid Ivy to jump several decades forward to create a label with a Y2K aesthetic.  Their throwback to the early 2000s plays with a futuristic look featuring colors like pale blues, purples, and silver, mixed with geometric shapes.  To add dimension, we printed it on a shrink sleeve label with a cast & cure technique that incorporates a gloss, matte and holographic finish for an eye-catching effect.

“It was such a fun opportunity for us to create these design pieces. It really helped us showcase Overnight Labels’ abilities and techniques, said Christiann and Erin, the founders of Vivid Ivy.  “For over a decade, Vivid Ivy has been a creative team that is passionate about package design. It brought us so much excitement to be able to create these pieces having had a huge array of specialty varnishes and finishes to really make them stand out.”

Overnight Labels has been widely recognized for their emphasis on innovation and an expertise in finishes.  To receive a sample kit, click here.