Customer Spotlight: Script Essentials

Script Essentials, a luxury supplement company founded by Suzy Cohen works with Overnight Labels to print the brands labelsOvernight Labels has been working with Script Essentials for four years.  This edition of Customer Spotlight features an interview with the brand’s creator, Suzy Cohen.

Can you tell us a little about your company?

I’ve been a pharmacist for almost 30 years, so I know how medications work and the side effects can be quite frightening.

As a result, I created a luxury supplement company that specializes in targeted dietary formulas that might work like a medicine without the side effects. They are available in custom-formulated supplements for thyroid, blood sugar, joint health, sleep concerns and memory gaps. They are patent-pending and formulated to work very quickly because results are critical when you don’t feel well. My supplements are created in the USA and all are free of magnesium stearate and other allergens, dyes and fillers.The labels for the supplement Memory Script is printed by Overnight Labels

How did you decide what packaging and labels to use for your products?

You only get one chance to make a first impression. I wanted my brand to be earth friendly too, so we use light amber and glass bottles with black caps. The label has to “pop” on this or it won’t look attractive in advertisements.

The challenge was getting a beautiful label made, in a short amount of time and a proof to actually try before ordering 50,000 labels! I heard about Overnight Labels from one of my manufacturers because I wanted efficiency and accuracy, as well as responsiveness to quick label changes.

Talk about the new products you are launching.

The newest formula is for beautiful skin and is called “Collagen Beauty Powder.” It’s a pink powder tainted pink with Nordic Cherry Tart Cherry extract. This formula will come in two options, one that contains collagen that is marine-sourced and one that is bovine (animal)-sourced.

The new label is a white BOPP with a gloss uv varnish.

The label for the supplement Collagen Beauty Powder is printed by Overnight LabelsWhat is your process for creating labels?

My graphic designer creates the artwork and then we send it to Overnight Labels. There, it is checked against prior printings of the same label (to verify size), and a proof is printed so the manufacturer can physically wrap it against the bottle or tub.


How does ONL compare to other print/packaging vendors you use?

Overnight is by far the BEST to work with compared to everyone else. I feel like a family member is actually handling my account, and that I am much more than a paycheck to them. They actually want me to succeed, they want my business and they show me that with their actions every time I print a label.

This is why I stay loyal. I had 4 different label makers (simultaneously) before Overnight. When I met them, and did my first two labels, I dropped everyone else!

Would you recommend ONL to others? If so, why?

Yes, of course! I do already. Why? Because they take care of you. Everyone there is ‘cooking on all four burners’ as the saying goes. They check and double check, sometimes catching me in a mistake, and fixing it before it goes to print. I trust them. And most of all, I know that if I send someone there, it won’t be long before I get a “happy face” or a “kiss emoji” texted to me as soon as my colleague or friend does business with Overnight!

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