CleanFlake Recyclable Adhesive

You’ve created a great product.  You want to be eco-friendly,   so you’ve chosen to use a PET bottle for its recyclability.  However, there is a catch. Pressure-sensitive labels typically limit PET recyclability into food-grade due to adhesive contamination.  In fact, 560 million PET bottles are wasted every year in the recycling process, largely due to incompatible label materials.

As a recipient of a numerous Sustainable Packaging and Environmental Excellence Awards, and as a member of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, Overnight Labels has been at the forefront of this movement for many years.  We are constantly on the lookout for the newest innovations in eco-friendly packaging.

That’s why we offer Avery Dennison’s CleanFlake™ , a water-based, recyclable adhesive that cleanly separates during the PET Plastic recycling process resulting in pure PET flakes, the conservation of virgin PET resources, and less landfill waste.

Check out this video demonstration to see how this product works:


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