What it Means to Be Certified As a Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) Printer

Did you know that Overnight Labels has been focused on sustainability for more than a decade?  In fact, we started winning awards for our sustainable packaging back in 2007.  Over the last few years we saw that there was a growing movement in the packaging industry.  We felt that it was important to be verified by an independent auditor, so we began our certification process with the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) in 2015.

SGP certification is given to facilities that have met the rigorous standards of their criteria, which include operational improvements and waste reductions.  Certified Sustainable Green Printers must follow sustainability best practices, including and beyond regulatory compliance.

Adhering to SGP’s certification criteria has been a challenge, but very worthwhile.

We have always made the effort to embrace new technology and run our shop efficiently.  We believe that operating an efficient facility is just as important to the sustainability movement as printing on compostable or recycled materials.  Since certifying, our main area of focus has been on decreasing overall ink and paper waste, and keeping a closer eye on any other opportunities for reduction.Overnight Labels reduces ink wast with the Nova Ink Flow System

We have seen a drastic reduction in ink waste by utilizing our Nova Flow ink mixing system.  In fact, when we received our SGP certification, we went from 23,668 pounds of ink waste to just 4,886 lbs!

Providing Customers with an Eco-cation

As a member of the Natural Products Association, and as an exhibitor of numerous Natural Product Expos, we work with many companies where sustainable packaging is a top priority.  Surprisingly, the people who we meet through these organizations don’t realize that being “green” is more than just using recycled paper stock.  Once we educate them about the importance of taking a 360 degree approach, they truly appreciate our efforts and expertise.

eco friendly labelsNot only are we able to provide customers with acceptable eco-friendly substrates, we also offer water-based inks with limited VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  Currently, we are working with a new adhesive from Avery Dennison called CleanFlake, which helps aid the recycling process.  Our beverage customers are especially excited that we have brought this new innovation to their attention.

Start Your Sustainability Journey

Changing the way you’ve been running your facility can seem daunting, so the best thing to do is to begin by making some small steps.  No one expects you to go to 100% sustainable, however it is beneficial to lay out some tangible goals and measure them along the way. Slight changes in the right direction are still positive changes for your business.  Once you see some small success, continue to raise the bar. CleanFlake adhesive ensures that bottles can be recycled.

It’s also important to involve your employees and stakeholders in your sustainable initiatives.  Not only will your customers appreciate your efforts, it will also help motivate all participants to fully commit and proactively contribute to your sustainable journey.


 Ready to talk about really going green? Give us a call at 800-472-5753, or email info@overnightlabels.com.  

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How To Work With a Label Designer: Tips to Make the Process a Success

You’ve caught lightning in a bottle (or jar, pouch, tube, can, etc.) The next step is to bring in the thunder by creating the packaging and more specifically the label. More often than not, this means that you will be working with graphic design expert to make your vision a reality. If you don’t have a label design background, you may find the process a bit daunting. That’s why we’ve broken it down with these step-by-step tips.

Hire a Designer

• Start with their portfolio. If you find someone with similar sensibilities to yours in terms of their work, style and taste, chances are it’s a good fit.
• Ask if they have packaging experience. Designing a label is very different than designing an ad or logo. Since you may not be adept about this aspect of your product development, it’s best if your designer has an expertise in packaging to help guide you through the process.
• Did you know that Overnight Labels has a resource page with a number of graphic designers that we highly recommend?

Create a brief

A creative brief outlines your vision and ensures that you and the designer are on the same page. It details the objectives, messaging, etc. Start by including the following details:

  • Are there specific colors you want to use or avoid? Have you chosen a font yet? These are important decisions to share with your designer. If you are undecided, a good designer will help guide you to something that fits the DNA of your brand.
  • Is there a style of artwork, finish or effect you are drawn to? Present some examples of other labels you like and what elements are especially pleasing.
  • What copy and/or images must be included? It’s important to let your designer know from the start, as this will impact the design. It’s always best to provide final copy to expedite revisions.
  • Label Type and Shape: This is one of the most important decisions you will make, as it will ultimately define a large part of the design. For example, with flexible packaging or shrink sleeves there is a much larger area to be designed. In fact, shrink sleeves require 360 degrees of design. Also, what are the dimensions and shape of your container? Proper measuring is a must to ensure that your label not only fits onto it smoothly, but also complements its shape.
  • Consider how much of the actual product you want to show. In the past, labels covered a lot of the landscape of the container. However, with the rise in popularity of “clean labels,” a clear-label look where you can see the actual product is on the rise.

Let Go and Trust the Process

  • Once you and your designer are in sync, and after an agreed upon period of time, they’ll present you with a few options.
  •  Don’t forget that you’ve hired a graphic designer for the expertise and experience that you don’t have. When they present a new idea, keep an open mind and listen to why they think that might be helpful for your product.
  • It’s also imperative that you are open and honest with your feedback, but most importantly, very clear. Don’t say something vague like, “something’s just not right.” Instead offer concrete ideas such as, “I don’t think like the font and would like something bolder,” or “make the background lighter because the text is too hard to read.”

Now that you’ve got an amazing design, give Overnight Labels a call! We can take that artwork and make it come alive using the right paper stock, lamination and effects.

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Overnight Labels Wins 2018 Gold Ink Award

Overnight Labels has received Printing Impressions’ 2018 Gold Ink Award’s top prize in the Digital Printing, Labels & Packaging category.  The winning entry was for Ultra Human’s Ultra Keto + MCTS nutritional supplement. The striking mat black label features copper and white accents and a pop of yellow and pink to highlight the raspberry lemonade flavor.  It was digitally printed on a silver metallic BOPP substrate with a Soft Touch lamination and spot UV gloss varnish.  Black and Soft Touch were two big trends this year according to the competition judges.

In addition to a Gold Ink Award, this same label took second place in the packagePRINTING Excellence Awards.  Over the last ten years, Overnight Labels has won numerous industry awards, including a 2016 Gold Ink Award in Flexible Packaging Category.

Don Earl, president of Overnight Labels said, “We knew when we printed this label that it was an eye-catching piece worthy of submission.   We work hard to maintain a level of excellence on every one of the 400,000,000 pieces that we print each year, and are honored that the judges recognized us for our craftsmanship.”

This year’s winners were among nearly 600 entries submitted within 49 different categories. Winning pieces were chosen based on print quality, technical difficulty, and overall visual effect.  All winners can be found at http://www.GoldInk.com/winners-revealed.

About Overnight Labels

Established in 1987, Overnight Labels is an award-winning printer of custom labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.  They specialize in cold foil embossing, rotary silkscreen, seamless cylinders, tactile and other specialty finishes.  They have broad experience in numerous industries, including nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, pet, food, beverage, wine & spirits, health and beauty, and household products.  In addition to being a Blue Level Graphic Measures International (GMI) Walgreens and CVS certified printer the firm is also a Disney certified printer, a Walmart certified printer and a Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) printer.

Customer Spotlight: Script Essentials

Script Essentials, a luxury supplement company founded by Suzy Cohen works with Overnight Labels to print the brands labelsOvernight Labels has been working with Script Essentials for four years.  This edition of Customer Spotlight features an interview with the brand’s creator, Suzy Cohen.

Can you tell us a little about your company?

I’ve been a pharmacist for almost 30 years, so I know how medications work and the side effects can be quite frightening.

As a result, I created a luxury supplement company that specializes in targeted dietary formulas that might work like a medicine without the side effects. They are available in custom-formulated supplements for thyroid, blood sugar, joint health, sleep concerns and memory gaps. They are patent-pending and formulated to work very quickly because results are critical when you don’t feel well. My supplements are created in the USA and all are free of magnesium stearate and other allergens, dyes and fillers.The labels for the supplement Memory Script is printed by Overnight Labels

How did you decide what packaging and labels to use for your products?

You only get one chance to make a first impression. I wanted my brand to be earth friendly too, so we use light amber and glass bottles with black caps. The label has to “pop” on this or it won’t look attractive in advertisements.

The challenge was getting a beautiful label made, in a short amount of time and a proof to actually try before ordering 50,000 labels! I heard about Overnight Labels from one of my manufacturers because I wanted efficiency and accuracy, as well as responsiveness to quick label changes.

Talk about the new products you are launching.

The newest formula is for beautiful skin and is called “Collagen Beauty Powder.” It’s a pink powder tainted pink with Nordic Cherry Tart Cherry extract. This formula will come in two options, one that contains collagen that is marine-sourced and one that is bovine (animal)-sourced.

The new label is a white BOPP with a gloss uv varnish.

The label for the supplement Collagen Beauty Powder is printed by Overnight LabelsWhat is your process for creating labels?

My graphic designer creates the artwork and then we send it to Overnight Labels. There, it is checked against prior printings of the same label (to verify size), and a proof is printed so the manufacturer can physically wrap it against the bottle or tub.


How does ONL compare to other print/packaging vendors you use?

Overnight is by far the BEST to work with compared to everyone else. I feel like a family member is actually handling my account, and that I am much more than a paycheck to them. They actually want me to succeed, they want my business and they show me that with their actions every time I print a label.

This is why I stay loyal. I had 4 different label makers (simultaneously) before Overnight. When I met them, and did my first two labels, I dropped everyone else!

Would you recommend ONL to others? If so, why?

Yes, of course! I do already. Why? Because they take care of you. Everyone there is ‘cooking on all four burners’ as the saying goes. They check and double check, sometimes catching me in a mistake, and fixing it before it goes to print. I trust them. And most of all, I know that if I send someone there, it won’t be long before I get a “happy face” or a “kiss emoji” texted to me as soon as my colleague or friend does business with Overnight!

For more information about Script Essentials click here

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Overnight Labels Achieves GMI Certification with Both CVS and Walgreens

OVERNIGHT LABELS HAS GRAPHIC MEASURES INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION (GMI) WITH BOTH CVS AND WALGREENSOvernight Labels, an award-winning full service label and flexible packaging printing company, announced today that it has received full certification from Graphic Measures International (GMI)to print digital and flexographic labels and packaging components for the CVS brand.  The company is already a GMI certified printer for Walgreens, and has maintained the highest GMI rating of BLUE since certification in 2016.  The designation enables the two drug store chains’ private-label suppliers to use Overnight Labels for printed packaging of their private-branded products.

Certification was awarded following an intensive on-site audit involving independent testing and inspections of company-wide processes and capabilities.  It included an in-depth focus on graphics and color management to verify that Overnight Labels utilizes the latest technology in their print and color management processes.  Other areas evaluated included press quality (registration, trapping, die-line accuracy, finishing) and quality assurance (process implementation, audits, traceability, barcode readability, non-compliance protocol).

Overnight Labels has been a GMI certified printer for Walgreens since 2016 and has maintained the highest GMI rating of BLUE since certification.

“Overnight Labels is proud to be one of only 250 certified printers across the United States. Certification is important to us because it is important to our customers, said Don Earl, Owner of Overnight Labels. “Achieving color consistency has always been an area of expertise for us, but our customers are extra secure in knowing that we print to specific numbers and standards, not a subjective set of rules,” he added.

Who Says 13 Isn’t Lucky? ONL Adds Nilpeter FB 4200 Press

We’re happy to announce the addition of our 13th press.  The new Nilpeter FB 4200 is an 8-color press with UV and hot air drying for UV and water-based inks. This machine can run labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging, and is ONL’s 6th Nilpeter press. 

“This addition will allow us to increase our production capacity while continuing to maintain the high quality and quick turnaround times that we are known for,” said Don Earl, President of Overnight Labels.  “Our portfolio of presses includes both flexographic and digital machines, which gives us the ability to work with any size company on smaller volumes jobs to large production runs,” he added.

For their 13th press, Overnight Labels chose a Nilpeter FB 4200

Tips to Win the War of the Nutraceuticals

If a consumer goes to Vitamin Shoppe or GNC, chances are that they are overwhelmed within the first 30 seconds. With so many brands fighting for your attention, it’s almost like Game of Thrones in the nutraceutical aisle.
A steady flow of product advancements have led to ongoing consumer demand and a tremendous supply of options. In fact, by 2025, the global market for these products is projected to reach $578.23 billion. However, that’s not necessarily a good thing, as this can often generate confusion at the shelf and even online.  With so many options, how do consumers make their final choice of what to buy? Often times, it comes down to packaging, and especially labels. Brands that find the right balance in being disruptive, yet providing important information and benefits have the best chance of winning the nutraceutical wars.
Follow these tips to find the best path to vitamin victory:

Tip #1: Check Out Your Competition and Then Do the Opposite

Because black is on brand for our client at DaVinci Laboratories, they designed this label with a matte finish and used bright colors representing the different flavors and copper foil to give it some extra eye-catching interest.

Walk down any sports nutrition section and right now you’ll see that more than half of the products are glossy black with contrasting silver accents. If you want to create a design that stands out, take a risk and go against the grain. One way to do this is to choose a color or font that looks completely different from the rest. As part of your competitive analysis, don’t forget to include a search on Google or Amazon to see how you can be a digital disruptor.  

Our client, Giant Sports, does a great job conveying product details in a visually-appealing way.

Tip #2: It’s a Balancing Act
Nutraceutical labels are particularly important because they perform triple duty; they must be attention-grabbing, clearly provide ingredients and directions, and in some cases be FDA compliant. The design needs to draw consumers in, and still convey the legitimacy and quality of the product. Therefore the design and copy should be unique without going too much over-the-top.




Tip #3 Boldly Blend

To achieve this look, we recommended white polypropylene with foil accents.

There are countless options for customizing labels to differentiate them from the rest. Stand out by changing up the typical packaging elements. This is best achieved by working with a label professional who can recommend the right combination of stock, ink and finish. You may end up with something you never even dreamed was possible!
Seeing is believing! For a free sample kit, email samples@overnightlabels.com
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The Final Touch: How to Choose the Right Finish for Your Product

You’ve created the perfect label design to match your awesome product.   All of the decisions that you have made over the last few months are finally done, right?  Well, not quite yet.  You’ll probably need to choose one more important item to cross the finish line, literally.  It’s something that will not only enhance the look of your labels, but can also provide protection and make them last longer.  We’re talking finishes.

So what exactly is the basic definition of a finish?

It’s the surface property of a paper or film determined by its texture and gloss. It describes surface contour and characteristics measurable by smoothness, gloss, absorbability and print quality. Not every label needs a finish; however, many do, especially if they face continuous handling, varying temperatures, friction, etc.

The most popular label finishes are:

  • Laminates – a film material that provides a thicker layer of protection. They are a great option for labels that will face moisture, abrasion and light. Laminates are available in gloss (shiny) and matte (a non-shiny, flat texture).
  • Varnishes – thin coatings of clear silicon placed over top of the printed label to seal and prevent scuffing and smudging. A varnish will also help give the printed surface a smooth, consistent texture and a more polished, professional look.  Varnishes can be glossy, matte or satin (semi-shiny) in appearance.
  • UV coatings – a special type of varnish that is cured during printing by exposure to ultraviolet light. Labels with this finish typically last longer and can bring a number of eye-catching elements to your label’s appearance. Spot UV coatings are used to make sections of label design stand out, while also adding dimension with the contrast of gloss and matte finishes

If you want to take it up a notch, Overnight Labels offers a number of specialty effects/finishes for added decoration.  These include:

  • Glitter: Incorporates small holographic bits of glitter.

    MotionCoat is a UV coating system that creates a stunning motion-like image

  • MotionCoat: A UV coating system that when used with vector based artwork creates a stunning motion-like image.
  • Gloss: Creates a noticeable contrast between the glossy UV coating and the smooth matte appearance where the spot OPV is under the coating.
  • Pearlescent: Produces a pearl shimmer effect when applied over or under an ink or on a substrate and can mute an image when applied over ink.
  • Emboss: Is a multi-dimensional label with a raised effect in specific areas that gives depth to a design and adds a tactile sensation. It’s typically used on lettering, custom designs, patterns, or decoration effects to create a striking label.

    Although, you can’t feel it, this label is an example of a spot gloss tactile varnish.

  • Sandy Feel: Range of different particle sizes that allows for a very rough to soft and silky feel options.

    This award winning label was printed on clear stock with process colors overprinting foil backed up with white and a full UV coating.

  • Soft Touch: Creates a matte surface that has a velvety, soft feel.
  • Tactile: A finish that gives a slightly raised texture to the label that drive people touch and feel it.
  • Cold Foil: allows printers to apply foil onto a substrate at press speed.  This technique produces brilliant metallic effects and can print fine lines, reverse outs, half tones and full tones, all in accurate register.

Seeing is believing.  To receive a sample kit that includes a wide variety of finishes, including award-winning examples from the Foil and Specialty Effects Association,  click here.