Tips to Win the War of the Nutraceuticals

If a consumer goes to Vitamin Shoppe or GNC, chances are that they are overwhelmed within the first 30 seconds. With so many brands fighting for your attention, it’s almost like Game of Thrones in the nutraceutical aisle.
A steady flow of product advancements have led to ongoing consumer demand and a tremendous supply of options. In fact, by 2025, the global market for these products is projected to reach $578.23 billion. However, that’s not necessarily a good thing, as this can often generate confusion at the shelf and even online.  With so many options, how do consumers make their final choice of what to buy? Often times, it comes down to packaging, and especially labels. Brands that find the right balance in being disruptive, yet providing important information and benefits have the best chance of winning the nutraceutical wars.
Follow these tips to find the best path to vitamin victory:

Tip #1: Check Out Your Competition and Then Do the Opposite

Because black is on brand for our client at DaVinci Laboratories, they designed this label with a matte finish and used bright colors representing the different flavors and copper foil to give it some extra eye-catching interest.

Walk down any sports nutrition section and right now you’ll see that more than half of the products are glossy black with contrasting silver accents. If you want to create a design that stands out, take a risk and go against the grain. One way to do this is to choose a color or font that looks completely different from the rest. As part of your competitive analysis, don’t forget to include a search on Google or Amazon to see how you can be a digital disruptor.  

Our client, Giant Sports, does a great job conveying product details in a visually-appealing way.

Tip #2: It’s a Balancing Act
Nutraceutical labels are particularly important because they perform triple duty; they must be attention-grabbing, clearly provide ingredients and directions, and in some cases be FDA compliant. The design needs to draw consumers in, and still convey the legitimacy and quality of the product. Therefore the design and copy should be unique without going too much over-the-top.




Tip #3 Boldly Blend

To achieve this look, we recommended white polypropylene with foil accents.

There are countless options for customizing labels to differentiate them from the rest. Stand out by changing up the typical packaging elements. This is best achieved by working with a label professional who can recommend the right combination of stock, ink and finish. You may end up with something you never even dreamed was possible!
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