Want Packaging Perfection? It’s All About Prototyping.

No matter how great a product is, its packaging could be the deciding factor for many consumer purchases.  That’s why it’s crucial to get it right, and the only way to do that is by first creating a prototype before you go into mass production.

What Exactly is a Packaging Prototype?  

Osteo BiFlex box prototype

Osteo BiFlex box prototype produced by Overnight Labels

Essentially a packaging prototype is a three-dimensional version of one’s vision.  Simply put, it’s a replica of a product as it will be manufactured.  It may not be the exact final piece, but it should be a very close representation.  Prototypes ensure that packaging ideas are feasible and are the only way to eliminate any design errors or print problems before investing a lot of money in a production run.

Prototyping allows marketers, designers and engineers to try out packaging effectiveness by reviewing and testing its color, shape and form, brand identity and manufacturing viability before finalizing the design.  In addition to getting the perfect comp prior to production, there are a number of other reasons to invest in a prototype, but mostly because people like to see, touch and interact with the product at:

  • Potential investor meetings
  • Meeting with senior management or at an internal sales conference
  • Sales calls with retail buyers
  • Trade Shows
  • Photo shoots
  • Focus groups
Gusseted bag Prototype produced by Overnight Labels

Skinnygirl box prototype produced Overnight Labels

How to Create a Packaging Prototype

Some opt to “hand-make” a facsimile by cutting materials like paperboard to simulate the final look. Then graphics are printed and applied separately. This time-consuming, laborious method is prone to mistakes and usually delivers low quality results.  So while it’s possible to create a rudimentary looking prototype on your own, consider using a professional package prototyping company.

Overnight Labels is a full-service printing company that provides a multi-tiered approach to any packaging needs.  So in addition to printing custom labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging, we also offers prototype services.

Having a fully printed, smart-looking package shows the level of confidence and professionalism you have towards your product and will leave the best impression possible. says Mark Lamberti, Business Development Manager at Overnight Labels. “Before buyers get into business with you, they want to know just how committed you are.  They are not just buying your product; they are also buying you.  Think of it as buying a new suit for an important job interview. You need to put your best foot forward.”

Go For The Pro

You may think that you can’t afford this important step in your packaging process, but prototypes will actually save, and possibly make, money in the long run.  So if you’re ready for this critical element in launching your product, call 631.940.6109, or email mark@overnightlabels.com.