Overnight Labels Is Featured In Packaging Strategies

Bottled lemonade shows off clean, simple label design

Overnight Labels produced these labels for Sweettauk

Sweettauk Lemonade was founded on the beach in the surf-mecca of Montauk as a brand that captures the sweet taste of summer in healthful, fun and fresh ways. The company began making organic lemonades at local farmers’ markets and soon opened a shop in its hometown of Montauk, NY. Now it has bottled up the goodness for everyone to enjoy anytime, anywhere – bringing its customers warm, feel-good vibes, all year long.

A clean simple form speaks to the pureness of the product. As a HPP (high-pressure pasteurized) product, Sweettauk was limited to certain types of bottle choices, finally choosing a stock “bullet” style PET bottle for its recyclability and communicated the brand’s message through label graphics. Overnight Labels offered a rotary silk screen white, which made the graphics on the label “pop.”

The company’s objective is to build the brand with a clear focus on “better for you” natural drinks, that have lasting social impact and prompt behavioral and cultural change.

Sweettauk balances sweet and tart, with no sugar added, nor any chemical-based sweeteners. Sweettauk is tart lemonade with 1 gram of sugar for the whole bottle.  A little organically grown, zero-calorie Stevia complements the fruit’s natural sweetness. Sweettauk Lemonade is available in a variety of flavors including Classic, Pink Hibiscus, Mango and Raspberry and sold at Whole Foods and other markets.