Customer Spotlight: Tickle Water



Overnight Labels prints this clear label with cold foil on clear BOPP for Tickle Water. Overnight Labels has been working with Tickle Water since 2016. This edition of Customer Spotlight features an interview with the creator, Heather McDowell

About Tickle Water

One  day my son, Jayger, wanted to try the sparkling water that I was drinking and I thought, why not? I told him it was going to “tickle” his tongue because the water had little bubbles in it. After he took his first sip, he laughed and giggled as the bubbles tickled his mouth and nose. From then on, he started calling sparkling water “Tickle Water.”

That was my “ah-ha” moment, as I realized there should be a sparkling water for kids. Not only is sparkling water fun, but our children also need an alternative to the sugary juices, sodas, and milks that saturate the kid’s beverage aisles.  Thus, Tickle Water was born as the first premium sparkling water created specifically for children, yet enjoyed by all ages. The brand is dedicated to providing honest and clean hydration, and is made with premium triple-filtered sparkling water and natural flavors without calories, artificial ingredients, sugar, sweetener, sodium or preservatives.

How did you decide what packaging to use for your product?

Being a complete novice to the beverage industry, I asked every question I could from anyone I could find in the industry. I quickly learned that the first, and most important, step to creating a successful product in a very crowded space was packaging.  Transparency is key for our company, mission, and product.  I wanted parents and children to know there were no colors, dyes, or additives to our water, so finding a clear package was paramount.  I scoured all resources for unique packaging that would be clear, recyclable, good for little hands, and fit in lunch boxes, all while holding carbonation.

Having each of these boxes checked was not an easy find, but we found the clear plastic BPA free PET can that Tickle Water comes in.  We designed a clear label printed with cold foil on clear BOPP to enhance the transparency theme. And of course, Tickle Water’s animal characters are another element that makes the packaging special.

Tickle Water Green Apple features an adorable hand-drawn tiger.

The Overnight Experience

We’ve been working with ONL since the beginning!  The service at ONL is outstanding.  There is never a delay in response; emails are answered promptly and professionally. ONL always sends proofs and samples prior to going to print.

We have also found that the quality is excellent.  We worked with another Supplier for one production run and the labels were very poor by comparison.  Equally important, ONL has always made their production deadlines and shipped on time.

Lastly, Diane Pannizzo and Don are both very friendly and always willing to help, even though we are a start-up and have a smaller budget than many customers.For all of these reasons, we absolutely recommend Overnight Labels.

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