Dual Chamber

Dual chambered shrink sleeves contain two compartments for multi-packs, offering side-by-side product placement. The pockets hold products in place and offer maximum promotional space and a cost effective solution to paperboard over wraps. They increase shelf impact with neater packaging and can be used with two like-size bottles or with two different size bottles to help with cross-selling other items.

  • Print up to eight colors with all the same effects (foils and matte varnish) and on all the same substrates as traditional sleeves.
  • Offers production flexibility, reduces the need to store preprinted packaging, and saves on labor costs.


Designed for easy opening and multiple open-closure cycling, these labels are a fast-growing part of the market. They’re an ideal solution for perishable products in the food, beauty, and medical markets, as they extend the freshness of the product.


As part of our Sustainable Green Printing Partnership agreement, we offer:

  • Labels made from 30% post-consumer fiber,tree-free stock made from bamboo, bagasse, and cotton linters
  • EarthFirst® PLA film and SmartCycle film
  • Compostable Flexible Packaging
  • Water-based inks, coatings, and adhesives
  • Limited VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Kona Paper, which is made from used burlap coffee bags
  • Hemp paper

Booklet & Peelback

These secondary labels are essential in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, or for anyone looking to fit a lot of information in a small space. They offer a more appealing shelf product and reduce packaging costs by diminishing the need for additional material

Pressure Sensitive

Our self-adhesive prime labels and secondary labels can print up to 8 colors at 200 lpi, surpassing the industry standard of 150 lpi. Available in a variety of substrates and adhesive strengths:

  • Piggyback labels can be used for mail-in promotions and increase response to direct mail marketing.
  • IRC/Coupons are ideal for instant redeemable discounts and increase sales through impulse buying.

Household Pet & Industrial

Health and Beauty


Nutraceuticals/Sports Nutrition

Beer Wine and Spirits