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Overnight Labels Introduces Specialty Coatings That Make You Say WOW!

At Overnight Labels, we like to continuously stand out among our competitors. To differentiate our products, a series of new special effect coatings is available to enhance your labels and packaging. This makes it stand out on the shelf to consumers and give them that “WOW” effect. Here is a list of options you can choose from that will take your product to the next level:

Glitter: Incorporates small holographic bits of glitter. The effect is most pronounced over dark colors.
Glossback: Creates a noticeable contrast between the glossy UV coating and the smooth matte appearance where the spot OPV is under the coating.
Pearl: Produces a pearlescent effect when applied over or under an ink or on a substrate and can mute an image when applied over ink.
Iridescent: Takes on the metallic sheen of another color when the viewing angle is changed. Can be used to stimulate metallic effects, depending on thickness of the coating.
Reticulating: Varies the finished dried films from a smooth dull appearance into a wrinkled texture.
Emboss: Gives a tactile feel of an embossed product when spot applied
Sandy Feel: Range of different particle sizes that allows for a very rough to soft and silky feel options.
Soft Touch: Creates a matte surface that has a soft feel.

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