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5 Reasons Overnight Labels is more than ready to serve you in 2014

New 22” – 10 color UV Press. We installed this press in January of 2013. This all new servo unit increased our layflat capability from 195mm to 275mm and the UV ink system allows us to print near gravure quality shrink sleeves while maintaining the relatively low set up costs of flexo. Additionally, this press allows us to print a greater variety of flexible packaging such as gusseted bags. The press has laminating and cold foil capabilities as well.


NovaFlow Ink Matching System – although we’ve always done well matching spot colors, we have taken color matching to a whole new level. Our new ink matching/ dispensing system allows us to match color similar to the way you match paints at Home Depot. All we need is a swatch of the desired color, and we can match it exactly by scanning the color with our spectrodensitometer, then telling the system how much ink we need for a specific job, then the machine automatically dispenses the appropriate amount of ink. After the ink is dispensed, we make a draw down and verify the color again with our spectrodensitometer. Our spot colors our always within 2 Delta E variance (imperceptible to the human eye), as opposed to the industry standard of 4 Delta E.

40 “ Slitter- Although we keep at least five million feet of material in stock at all times, we sometimes get an emergency. Now we are able to accurately and professionally slit material up to 40” wide down to press widths if necessary. So if we only have 30” material in-house, and we need a roll of 15”, we can slit it here instead of ordering in. This will save us valuable time when you have a rush job.

Increased space- we increased our overall space by 30% this year to accommodate additional growth. We’ve added a combination of warehouse and expanded production facilities to house our new equipment.

16” – 8 color UV press coming soon- because 2013 was such a good year (Thank You!), we purchased a new 16” press to augment our shrink sleeve and flexible packaging capability. This is identical in most ways to our other 16” press. We always try to add equipment redundancy because you never know what’s going to happen. The redundancy means we can be quick on our feet to accommodate any scheduling changes by switching jobs from press to press with consistent print quality.

As optimism about the macro- economic picture increases, Overnight Labels has prepared to serve you better when new opportunities arise. 2014 should be a pretty good year and we’re here to help with the latest equipment and technology. Give us a shot and let us help you make 2014 the best year ever.

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